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South Plains Security & Patrol is your complete security solution. We provide armed and unarmed security services for all kinds of businesses and in all kinds of situations. Our security officers are trained to manage difficult situations. Large corporate clients and small retail customers and all customers in between are assured the same process and the same class security services.

Services Provided

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  • CONSTRUCTION SITE SERVICE: We will provide an onsite or roving patrol officer to monitor the activities on your construction site. The presence of a security officer is a proven deterrent to theft and crime.
  • VEHICLE PATROLS: We offer a vehicle patrol service which also includes foot-patrol. This service has proven to be an excellent visual deterrent to neighborhood crime. We pride ourselves in an exceptionally rapid call-response time.
  • FIRE WATCH: In the event that your business or private community experiences a temporary shut-down of your fire suppression system, we can provide an onsite fire-watch service. This will allow you to continue your normal activities until your fire suppression system has been restored.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: If you are planning a special event, we can provide both uniformed armed or unarmed officers to ensure the security of that event. Our officers can provide security services related to crowd control, ID checking, bag inspection, ticket collection, and revenue protection.
  • HOSPITAL/ HEALTH CARE FACILITIES:  We will provide and unarmed or armed officer to foot-patrol the area of all sizes. Service will include door monitor, visually checking and monitoring any activities on your place of business.
  • HOTEL SECURITY: Give visitors to your hotel a good first impression regarding the security of your establishment via utilizing our lobby security service. Our officers will be available to greet your guests while, at the same time, providing a proven method of detecting and deterring criminal activity. 
  • INDUSTRIAL AREA SERVICE: We can provide heavy-emphasis patrols for industrial areas of all sizes. Our service includes hard checking of doors, monitoring of facility gates, and logging of in/out vehicle traffic.
  • ONSITE SHIFT SECURITY: If your business or property requires full-shift security protection, we can contract an officer to you to fill that role. The officer will actively protect your assets from theft or other criminal activity.
  • RETAIL SECURITY/LOSS PREVENTION: If your retail business is experiencing high losses due to theft, we can provide security officers to help deter that problem. Per your preference, the officer(s) we deploy are uniformed.
  • DOOR & LOBBY SERVICE: We can provide a uniform officer for different areas of all sizes. The service will include checking of doors, monitoring the entrance of customers and employees, and logging in/out employees. Our officers will be available to greet your guests while, at the same time, providing a proven method of detecting and deterring criminal activity.
  • SHOPPING MALLS:  We can provide a combination of a vehicular and foot-patrol. Which would be excellent coverage to deter and criminal activity that might arise