Driven To Protect Your Interests



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We are eager for personal and professional excellence. We are committed to treating our customers with respect and support them by providing the best services.

Driven To Protect Your Interests


At South Plains Security & Patrol…

We take pride in the ability to provide our clients with a wide range of security services 

We value the opportunity to provide service, protection, and education in a manner, which is fair, courteous, and efficient and we promise to deliver the best security service possible.

TX PSB License# B06513


Welcome to South Plains Security & Patrol, where strong values merge with quality work. 

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We value professionalism, and have a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction. We build professionalism by creating safe, friendly environments, and we encourage teamwork.

We value honesty and ethical behavior in the members of our agency. We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We value the need to use our services and our resources effectively and to be open in our communication with our customers.